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Garage Ceiling Storage

 Are you looking for garage ceiling storage? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of garage ceiling storage solutions for many years throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas with professionalism, craftsmanship and great customer care. 

Vast majority of people use their garage for their cars alone and maybe for the storage of tools, but many others use it as an extra room. The incredible thing about the garage is that it can be used for more than storing the family vehicles and the garbage bins. The garage ceiling can be used for storage and might be the de-cluttering answer to your space issues.

Generally speaking, the garage can hold a great deal of things with cabinets, shelves and floor space. Consider moving a portion of the things to the utilized to make room in your house. For example, the garage space can be used to house excess boxes, occasional ornaments, furniture and much more. Not only will it free up space in your home, but storing items on the garage ceiling is a fairly simple task. However, before you begin hauling and dragging your belongings to the garage, ensure you have enough space to store your belongings. Additionally, ensure there is nothing obstructing the ceiling area and that you have shelving or hooks already set up. You should be able to purchase inexpensive racking and various hooks from home improvement stores.

Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas
Here are some ideas for what can be stored above in the garage ceiling.

Athletic equipment During spring season, store up your winter sporting goods equipment in the garage ceiling such as snow skis, ice skates, sleds, snow boots, and cross-country skis. In the winter, utilize the garage ceiling to store the kid's swimming pool, lawn mowers, pool toys, garden equipment, grass seeder and other summer items. You can either hang the items by hooks or place them in boxes.
  • Holiday Items
  • Seasonal Clothing
  • Hoisting Bikes
  • Furniture Fix

Our designers will work with you to customize a layout that will suit your specific storage needs. For a free garage makeover consultation with one of our experts, or for more information about our garage ceiling storage services, contact Potomac Garage Solutions at 240-650-2622.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Garage shelving

Are you looking for garage shelving? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of choices for garage shelving throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas for many years. 
A shelving unit needs to be durable to endure the rigors of the garage environment, there are several types of garage shelving available to keep your garage organized and de-cluttered. Organizing your garage doesn't simply help you keep things clean, but also safe by keeping tools and equipment out of your way. Depending on what it is you will store on them, you may have several different types of shelving in your garage. Before taking off to shop for the materials you require, and the shelves themselves, set aside some time to think about what types of material you are going to put on your shelves. 

Garage Shelving comes in many different styles, they all require diverse types of garage shelving for safe, organized storage. Each style of shelving material has its own benefits as well as problems.
Various Types of Shelving 

Metal Shelves
Metal shelves can give you the additional strength for storing heavy tools, car parts, and gallon paint cans. Garage shelving from metal are also less workable and a little more expensive than wood. Generally, metal shelves are suitable for heavy items and non-customizable situations. 

Self-Enclosed Garage Shelves
Not all garage shelving should to be exposed. Self-enclosed storage is commonly referred to as cabinets. They can be found in a variety of sizes and they can be hung from the wall or free standing. Self-enclosed shelves can also be pre-fabricated out of wood or metal, or can be custom built to fit your needs. If you have any toxic item like stains, oils, fertilizers, thinners, and other type of flammable or poisonous liquids or materials then a self-enclosed shelving is recommended.

Adjustable Rail Shelves
Adjustable rail shelves are fixed onto a system of hangers that gives the freedom to rearrange them, move them, and position them based on the size of the items you are storing. They are commonly made of metal, so storing huge, bulky items such as car parts, tabletop woodworking tools and wood is made more convenient. 
Garage shelving comes in a wide range of shapes, styles, and price ranges. Picking the right one for your needs will enable you to keep your work area safe, cluster free and organized.
or more information about our garage shelving, contact Potomac Garage Solutions at 240-650-2622.
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