Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Garage Overhead Storage

The Garage is the most crowded place in the entire house and you would want to save as much space as you can to make more room in the garage. The overhead garage is one such solution to your space problem. It’s a great way of organizing things. You get added floor space which enables you to work more freely and allows you to park your car back inside in case there was no room for it earlier and you were parking it elsewhere. And of course, you get more storage space and since it is overhead, things won’t get in your way. It also protects your stuff from water damage and saves you money in many areas. On today’s blog we at Potomac Garage Solutions want to discuss some tips on garage overhead storage.

Be careful about the weight

Garage Overhead Storage 
Although the overhead garage is a really convenient way to store stuff, but remember not to keep items that are too heavy. Keep light weight things for the overhead shelves and keep heavyweight objects in lower cabinets. It is recommended that the total weight does not exceed 210 lbs. Creating a sliding system storage can be useful. We can not only help you select overhead storage options but we can also help with the installation. Our company of professionals at Potomac Garage Solutions makes use of materials that are a bit stronger than those you'll find at home centers or department stores.

Make use of walls too

A lot of stuff that the ceiling won’t support can easily be supported by your walls. You’d be surprised to know what interesting uses your garage walls have. You can make provision to hang almost everything there, from lights and heavy tools and sports equipment to even bicycles and skateboards. Also, wall cabinets and shelves always come in handy. So yes, go vertical.

Get creative

Garage Overhead Storage
There are numerous other ways in which you can utilize overhead shelves to the fullest. You can screw the lid of jars to the bottom of a shelf so that it is attached. This gives you another way to use shelves and saves more room in the garage. Also, you can make use of your waste wire baskets; you can hang them on the wall or arrange a sliding system, it would also save you a lot of money. Avoid keeping breakable stuff in overhead racks or shelves, though. If you want to, however, keep some important stuff there, make sure you use strong racks. We deal in all kinds of overhead garage storage accessories and you would not complain of their strength.

Prefer hiring a professional company to install overhead storage in your garage

There are some things that are difficult to do on your own. Installing an overhead garage system is one of them. There are a lot of materials and equipment needed and it will be difficult for you to assemble it all on your own. We’ve had great reviews in the past and continue to provide excellent service. For our pricing you can always call our office and ask any questions you may have about our warranties.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Garage Organization in Maryland

A garage is where all the items that have no place in the house are kept, including landscaping equipment and work tools. Garage organization is the easiest yet most neglected task by homeowners. When most homeowners think about the clutter in their garage they fear tackling the job of cleaning and arranging the garage, but every item in your garage should be organized neatly. How does garage organization system help? Today we at Potomac Garage Solutions would like to provide some benefits to garage organization in Maryland.

Improves storage
Garage Organization in Maryland 
Holiday decorations, tools, lawn equipment, camping gear and bikes are some of the items people store in the garage. So much stuff in a garage occupies space and creates sets of problems if they are not stored in a systematic way. Using Garage Organization systems such as our Overhead storage or wall cabinets allows you to accommodate items clearing clutter, improving and creating additional space in your garage.

Restore parking space
You might be finding there is no space for parking your car in the garage because it is filled up with tools and other things that can be arranged better. Parking your car in the garage is convenient and good for protection. Assessing the organizational needs benefits homeowners with increased storage options, creates more space and space to designate space for a specific purpose and restoring their parking space.

Easily move around and to find things
The Garage is where most tools are stored so mobile tool boxes can be used to make movement of tools in and out the garage easier. After the garage is neatly organized, finding what you are looking for in made easier and saves your time. Managing kid’s toys and your tools and locating them 
become less time-consuming.

Enhance garage aesthetics
Organizing storage opens up a functional workspace and is convenient for finding equipment and tools easily. Shovel and rake need to be stored separately and wall racks are best to keep them off the ground. Installation of a wall cabinet with doors can offer better storage services for small tools and equipment. A systematically arranged garage appears roomier and more attractive. It improves your entire garage aesthetic

Additional improvements
Extra improvements can be done while organizing the garage. Installments like:
  • Adding extra circuits to make your garage space more functional
  • Aside from overhead lighting that constantly throws shadows, additional lighting like task light will create a room for detailed projects
The cost of organizing your garage depends on the homeowner’s needs.
For more information on garage organization in Maryland or to learn more about us at Potomac Garage Solutions, please call us today at 240-650-2622. A garage organization expert will be happy to speak to you. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Garage Remodeling Cost

Families are always changing and growing. For many people, at some point during home ownership, the need arises to create an addition to the home to make more space. At Potomac Garage Solutions we see garages for what they could be—great functional spaces. And sometimes to achieve this, some remodeling will be required. On today’s blog we’d like to discuss garage remodeling cost.
For many a remodel of the garage provides an opportunity to add an entirely new room to the house that will become a functional part of the actual house. Because the garage is already erected to be structurally sound and has a foundation, converting a garage space comes with less cost than building a new addition to the house. Garage remodels are in general much less expensive a new addition to a home; however, there are of course still costs associated with the project.
Garage Remodeling Cost 
Most garage remodels are estimated to cost between $5,000 and $10,000 with the average remodel costing around $7,000. What factors add to the cost of such remodels?
If a windowless garage space is to be converted to a functional part of the main home, it’s likely that the homeowner will want to implement windows so that light and air may enter the space. On average, this part of the project costs from $250 to $500.
Though many garage spaces are wired for electricity, many do not have plumbing lines going to them. In evaluating a garage conversion project, the homeowner should evaluate whether plumbing will be necessary in the space and if so, how much it will cost to extend the plumbing in the main part of the home to the garage.
If a garage is to be part of the home at large, it needs to be insulated to keep heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.
Most garages floors are cement. If this is not the look that the homeowner desires for the new room, carpeting or tile will have to be installed in the space. Generally speaking, ceramic tiles cost approximately $15 per square foot and vinyl tile and carpeting costs approximately $5 per square foot.
Garage Remodeling Cost 
Although most garages are wired to have electricity, a remodel will often necessitate an electrician to update or change the lighting and wiring for the space.
Even if a homeowner does not intend to convert the garage space into a part of the main home, many homeowners decide to remodel the space to promote productivity and organization. This too comes with costs, including floor sealant, organization modules, and cabinetry for storage.
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