Polyurea Garage Floor - Benefits

Polyurea Coating-Benefits for your Garage Floor What is Polyurea?
Polyurea is commonly used for waterproofing, corrosion protection, environment protection and much more. Polyurea is like an epoxy, which is similar to a synthetic paint-like material. It belongs to the polyurethane group. Polyurea is unique, due to its method of preparation, involving urea linkages in water and acts as a catalyst when combined with resin, making it tough and very hard. Also, due to its unique structure, polyurea is far more flexible than epoxy. Polyurea has been referred to as the “Holy Grail” of garage flooring materials. Even its main competitor, polyaspartic, is a product that uses polyurea as a base material. Benefits of Polyurea Floor CoatingPolyurea garage floor coatings have become the market leaders because of their immense benefits. Here are a few of the important aspects: Time and Temperature One major benefit of polyurea is the fact that it can be applied at a huge range of temperatures, unlike …

Garage Cabinets In VA

How many times do you walk in and out of your garage and don't even want to look at what's going on around you. Your tools, the kids toys, lawn equipment, containers and everything else  just strewn about anywhere it can fit. Chances are if you have a garage to park in it's not only to keep your vehicle from having to deal with the outside elements, it's also for extra storage. If you're thinking about the best ways to install garage cabinets in VA, the answer is easy.
Many professional garage companies like, Potomac Garage Solutions, offers you a wide variety of different storage options you can use to keep your belongings together and a little bit easier to find. If you're like every other homeowner, there's been a time when you needed to fix an item in your home and had to go reaching for a toolbox. Having garage cabinets in VA installed ensures that you never have to go scrambling through boxes looking for the tool you need again. When you're ready…

Garage Renovation in Washington DC

It's really hard to get motivated when your garage look likes a dump, the last thing you want to do is spend half an hour in there looking for something that you wanted five minutes ago. Garage remodeling companies like Potomac Garage Solutions can make these problems disappear with many different design options for your garage renovation in Washington, DC, from the garage cabinets, garage flooring, garage storage and garage doors. These days garages aren't just about a place to keep your vehicle. In most cases the garage is the first space you enter when you get home, so why wouldn't you want it to look great and be organized? Having an aesthetically pleasing garage can be the deciding factor on how the rest of your night is going to go after you finally get home from a long, exhausting day at work and a stifling commute.With modern technologies & techniques a professional garage renovations company can transform a messy outdated garage into a clean, appealing and usa…

Garage Floor Tiles in Maryland

Giving your garage a much needed make-over can take a little more than just some organization. There is no better way to get that "new garage feel" than adding some classic checkerboard customized garage tiles.

Potomac Garage Solutions offers a wide variety of garage floor tiles to improve the look and overall function of your garage. We offer garage floor tiles in a variety of different sizes, colors, materials, textures, and styles. Garage tiles are designed to be interlocking, which means they easily snap together to create a complete custom covering that fits the size and shape of your garage floor.

Garage floor tiles come in a variety of different materials including hard plastic, interlocking tiles, PVC interlocking tiles and rubber tiles. Our interlocking floor tiles are U.V. stabilized to resist color fade and resistant to oil, acid, gas and other chemicals. Further, our floor materials are incredibly strong, able to withstand 5120 pounds per square inch of pressure a…

Garage Flooring in Virginia

Like many places in the home, your garage could use a new look after years of wear and tare, especially your garage floors. Getting a garage floor renovation will enhance your entire garage. The professional quality from Potomac Garage Solutions can help your garage floor look fresh and welcoming. When it comes to your garage flooring in Virginia, we can give it a brand-new look with our 14 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. We offer two distinct approaches for your floor such as garage floor tiles and polyurethane floor coating.
Our garage experts have provided both home and business owners new garage flooring in Virginia with exceptional precision and detail. If you're someone that tends to use your garage as your work space, we can give you the garage flooring you want that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but durable to withstand the environmental elements of your garage. 
Potomac Garage Solutions doesn't just offer garage flooring in Virginia. We pr…

Garage Overhead Storage in Washington DC

When the need for storage in our homes becomes an issue, many people tend to use their garages as a new storage space.  Garages are great to use when you need the extra storage space, but they can get overcrowded very easily. One way you can maximize your garage space is installing a garage overhead storage in Washington DC
The ceiling area in your garage, especially the area located right above your garage door is often easily overlooked mainly because of its inaccessibility. However the professionals at Potomac Garage Solutions, see this as a convenient way to create more storage space in a garage that may already be overcrowded.
Which items can be kept in garage overhead storage?
Garage overhead storage spaces can accommodate a wide array of equipment including but not limited to: Motorized Equipment- lawn mowers, grass trimmers, chainsaws and moreSmall Patio FurnitureStorage Bins/ContainersSpare TiresSeasonal Holiday ItemsCamping and Sport EquipmentAnd much more!There are a variety …

Essentials of Garage Organization

Whether your garage is mainly for storage or for parking your car, it's important to make sure you have space for it all. Thinking about organizing your garage can probably feel like a scary task. All the old lawn equipment you haven't used, pet food, work tools, car equipment - is there a place for them all? 

Here at Potomac Garage Solutions, we make sure everything in your garage has a place of it's own. 

Before you get started, you may want to take some time to de-clutter your garage. When our team comes in to start organizing we place all your belongings in a trailer, so the things you don't want back in the garage - get rid of. 

A good rule of thumb is, if you haven't needed it in a year, you probably won't need it. Start sorting your items in plastic bins. They keep water, bugs and dust out of your belongings. A good idea would even be a yard-sale. Sell items you may not use but are still in good shape. 

A few items you may want to store elsewhere is paint, p…