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Garage Flooring in Maryland

Potomac Garage Solutions:Benefits of Polyurethane Garage Flooring Potomac Garage Solutionsknows even the cleanest and organized garage appears unattractive when the concrete garage floor is stained, greasy and riddled with deep cracks. Concrete flooring makes for a hard, stable surface but unless this is properly sealed with polyurethane garage floor coating, rapid degradation occurs that can cause safety hazards, persistent smells and an overall seediness that devalues the entire home. What is polyurethane garage floor coating? Polyurethane is a fairly new sealant possessing a chemical structure that enables the substance to harden better than epoxy for garage floors. By creating an extremely tough buffer between the concrete and what occurs on the surface of the polyurethane coating, this material is one of the best to use for extending the life as well as the appearance of your garage flooring in Maryland. Advantages of polyurethane garage floor covering by Potomac Garage Solutions: Aft…

Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets and how to organize your garage PotomacGarage Solutions knows that for many homeowners, there comes a point in time where one must ask oneself: what should I do with that garage? For many people, the garage is a catchall place where sports equipment, lawn items, and holiday decorations are stored. It can get cluttered and be messy. Some decide to install organization elements such as shelving and adding garage cabinets to turn the garage into a workplace. Others allow the clutter to build up, and the garage essentially becomes a lost space.
However, there is a current trend in garages that is taking that lost space and turning the space into a functional, usable, livable area. Many homeowners are converting their garage into an actual part of the house, creating an extra living space for the family and solving the problem of “What to do with the garage”. When you are considering garage renovation project to make it a more workable part of the home, consider these helpful …

Garage Renovation Services

Since 2003, Potomac Garage Solutions has provided many excellent reasons why a homeowner may wish to organize, renovate or remodel their garage. Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you? Perhaps you might have said some of these exact words yourself. Reason:  I want to add a car lift to my garage but I’m not sure which one would be better. There are a lot of  car lift options for garages on the market today. When you schedule an appointment with us, a designer from Potomac Garage Solutions will meet with you to observe your garage and review all the options for your garage parking lifts. We will take measurements, confirm the specifications of the vehicles that need to be stored on the garage parking lift, and make the necessary recommendations to accommodate your garage car lift needs.

Reason:  Our family loves outdoor activities but all of our camping and sports equipment has taken over the garage and we have no room to park our cars! Potomac Garage Solutions has everything you nee…