Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Garage Makeover - Converting Garages Into Living Spaces

Garages are usually not thought of as conventional living spaces, however with some renovating and organization of storage, they can become quite homey and inviting. Since most of the requirement for a functional living space are already present (like lighting, wiring, basic roof and walls) all that’s left to do is focus on the decorative renovation and simple organization. At Potomac Garage Solutions we have not only help people turn their garages into functional spaces for storage but we have also given garage makeovers to create a comfortable living space for the whole family.

Garage Makeover
Naturally working around features unique to a garage provoke certain questions, but we’re here to provide some ideas and solutions for a garage makeover.

Garage Doors
The inside of a garage door is not the most attractive feature, hence why we tend to ignore it. But here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to be permanent. It can actually be removed and a fourth wall with doors and attractive windows can replace it.

Another thing you have to consider is that garages usually lack insulation or heat source and a means to cool itself for the summer. One solution could be to see if it’s possible to extend the heating system set up in the rest of you home to your garage. This isn’t always possible but there are still more solutions! You can rent or buy a space heater to run in the winter months and it can be electric or run on propane. It’s even possible to get an electric or gas burning fireplace to add a homier touch to the garage. As for cooling if there is some sort of window a conventional AC unit may be installed or you may want to opt for a portable unit.

Recreating the floor
The construction of a garage is done without consideration of how it may be used to live in. It’s just assumed to be a basic floor, which is usually a smooth square of concrete. Concrete is practical, sure, but not what can consider safe for kids if they happen to fall while playing. Some viable options include carpet, and soft rubber mats. The former has the advantage of being familiar and warm but the disadvantage of requiring regular intensive cleaning. Rubber tiles or mats on the other hand are easy to clean.

Storage Options
Garage Makeover
One thing that usually stops people from creating their garages in to living spaces is that all their things crammed in there impair creative vision. Because we at Potomac understand garages, meaning we see past all your stored belongings and can help you realize the true potential of your garage for its makeover. After some cleaning and sorting our storage options at Potomac can help you put away rest so you can optimize your space.

For more about our garage makeovers, please contact us at Potomac Garage Solutions at 240-650-2622. We look forward to being a part of your next project. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Garage Remodeling Tips for A More Usable Garage

Remodeling Your Garage into an Organized Space

Potomac Garage Solutions knows that many homeowners are looking into solutions on how to organize their homes. The first place that collects many household items that accumulate "seeming forever" is your garage. After time, you notice that this space is getting cramped and needing to be organized. From improving your garage cabinets, installing a garage parking lift for your cars, to refinishing your garage floors, these garage remodeling services will convert your garage into an organized space in your home.

Installing Garage Cabinets and Garage Storage Options 

Potomac Garage Solutions has everything you need to store your gear! Our garage cabinets and garage wall storage units, overhead storage, and specialty options will keep all your garage items organized.  We offer bike hooks, bike racks, and electric, overhead bike hoists that can store up to seven bikes.  Our garage wall racks can hold kayaks, canoes, and surfboards. Our mesh and wire baskets can organize soccer balls, basketballs, and other challenging items that can pile up and create a clutter in a garage.

Refinishing the Garage Floors

Potomac Garage Solutions offers garage flooring options from Polyurethane floor coating and interlocking garage floor tiles. Both garage flooring options are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. Our polyurethane floor coating gives the garage floor a cohesive, polished, overall beautiful appearance. Aside from aesthetics, one of the major benefits of polyurethane flooring is cleanliness and the ease of maintaining the floor. Interlocking floor tiles are made to completely cover an existing stained or cracked garage floor, breathing new life into the space instantly. Interlocking garage floor tiles are engineered to withstand the environmental elements in a garage.

Adding a Garage Lift for Your Cars

Potomac Garage Solution provides garage parking lifts that will free up much need garage space. Our garage lifts are made of double wall steel construction with commercial grade hydraulic cylinders and have 6,500 pound lifting capacity. These garage lifts are the premium choice for those looking to maximize parking or storage capability where ceiling clearance is limited. We
install the lifts on a standard 8-foot parking space while ensuring easy vehicle door access. These garage lifts will operate for both indoor and outdoor locations and are particularly well constructed for high-humidity and for homes that were built in damp locations.

What to do with all your Garage Stuff

Potomac Garage Solutions will safely store your tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations and any other items normally kept in the garage. With our garage wall cabinets, garage floor cabinets and overhead ceiling garage storage systems from which to choose, homeowners can enjoy the spaciousness of a new living area as well as the convenience offered by a remodeled garage.

Our designers work with you to customize a layout that will suit your specific storage needs. For a free garage makeover consultation with one of our experts, or for more information about our garage remodeling services, contact Potomac GarageSolutions today at 240-650-2622.

Garage Organization

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