Monday, February 22, 2021

Garage Organization

Are you looking for better garage organization? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of choices for garage organization throughout the Maryland and Washington DC areas for many years. 

Garage Organization

An organized space not only looks pleasing but also makes it easy to find things when needed. Designing and improvising the garage space involves organization as a major task. With smart storage solutions like cabinets and shelves, all your garage items are out of sight and placed in designated spots. An organized garage gives you much more floor space. 

Garage organization can be done in many different ways. Here are a few ideas that can help you keep the garage free of clutter and make it more functional:

Garage cabinets

The cabinet system is a simple and effective storage solution for organizing the garage. Cabinets are possible in garages of all sizes and shapes. Before you get the cabinets, it is important to consider few points such as what will be stored in the cabinets, how big a cabinet system is needed, and the look of the cabinets. Your budget will also decide a lot about the cabinet system you get. 

Cabinets come in different options such as:

·         Wall-mounted cabinets

·         Base cabinets

·         Metallic cabinets

·         Wooden cabinets

·         Lockers 

You can also get the cabinet system customized to match the décor of the house. These cabinets are also useful for industrial garages where a lot of heavy loads are stored.

Overhead storage

Building racks, shelves, or cabinets above the floor space can maximize the floor space available to you. The overhead storage can hold both light and heavy items and makes the things easily accessible. The racks hang from the ceiling and can be used for keeping the used car and bike tires, hanging bikes and cycles, or unused boxes. The storage can be made along the four walls leaving the space in between empty. Make sure you get the rack made by experts and use durable materials that can sustain the load. 

Garage wall storage

The walls in your garage provide excellent storage solutions to keep the garage neat and tidy. One can attack hooks on the wall to hang items. You can also have a grab and go basket hung to the walls that make items easily accessible as you walk in or out of the garage. Wall cabinets are also common for garage organization. These cabinets can store many items, and once you close the doors you see no clutter. A pegboard is another wall storage solution for your garage. With items hanging on the wall, the entire floor is available for use. 

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Garage Floors

Are you looking for garage floors? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of floor solutions in Maryland and Washington DC areas, for both residential and commercial applications, since 2003. 

The floor you choose for the garage space decides a lot of things about the space. The use of the space, location, and look are some factors that decide the type of flooring that goes into the garage. Before we go into the different garage flooring options, let us see why you should consider garage flooring.

Purpose of Garage flooring

   Protection of the concrete floor beneath from fuel or other fluids leaking out of vehicles

    is important. These fluids can damage the hard floor or make it unsafe for movement. 

  If the garage has a nice ceiling and walls already, flooring will increase the space you can use in addition to your rooms. 

  Moisture might be an issue in many garages. Appropriate flooring helps to keep the garage dry and suitable for use.

  Flooring improves the look of the garage and can efficiently cover up cracks or unpleasant stains. 

Types of garage flooring

The flooring of the garage is available for both residential and commercial buildings. In each, the options available are different based on the requirement. 

Residential Garage Flooring

The most popular type of flooring for residential garages are polyurethane coating and tiles. 

        Polyurethane floor coating

It is a highly flexible as well as an elastic coating for the floor. As compared to epoxy flooring, polyurethane is softer. The polyurethane coating has excellent resistance to scratches or other damages. 

        Interlocked tiles

These are smartly built to cover up the entire concrete floor in the garage and gives a whole new look. The tiles are resistant to chemicals and can tolerate heavyweight use in garages. They are optimal for covering uneven concrete floors.

Commercial Garage Flooring

Commercial garages are places of heavy machinery work. Durability is important as the number of vehicles is much more than residential garages. The common materials are epoxy, polyurethane, and concrete.  

        Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy is a tough material that lasts for many years. It is composed of epoxide resin and certain hardening materials. It is hard and gives a metallic polish to the floor. It is cost-effective, looks good, and can be cleaned easily.  

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Professional Garage Flooring

Are you looking to enhance your garage flooring? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of garage flooring for residential properties throughout Maryland and Washington DC areas since 2003. 

What Are The Different Types Of Garage Flooring Options That You Can Use?

Your garage is an integral part of your residence. Now, some people may wish to think of it as only a storage space where they park their cars and store other stuff, but in truth, your garage is as much part of your home as your bedroom. It is an important extension of your home. Therefore, it is significant that you keep it clean and maintained. Doing so will ensure your safety as an unorganized garage is just an invitation for accidents, and it will also offer you a sense of peace in the time you spend in the garage.

Now, there are many things you can do in order to keep your garage in top shape. But today we will only discuss the various garage flooring options that can make your garage less accident-prone and more beautiful. So, have a look?!

What are the various types of garage flooring options?

·         Metallic epoxy flooring

The metallic epoxy flooring is one of the best options that you can use for garage flooring. It is so because this kind of flooring is much more durable than cement floorings, and it can keep your garage safe from the ill-effects of oil and water. The professional garage organizers swear by this flooring option because it offers protection, while at the same time it adds beauty to the place.

·         Concrete stain

Getting a concrete stain is not as same as getting a coating. It is so because a stain is more like a translucent decorative covering that seeps into the concrete and gives a pigmented, marveled appearance. The stain is generally applied in two coats with the help of a sprayer or roller, after which it is worked into concrete by a nylon brush. Now, since this process is a little tricky, therefore, applying it necessitates the assistance of professional garage organizers.


Garage floor tiles

The tile floors have always been and are still one of the most popular garage flooring options. People generally choose this option because tiles are cost-effective and also easy to clean. Now, basically, there are two types of garage tile flooring options- one is the PVC, peel, and place, and the other is the extensive interlocking tile flooring. You can choose any one of them, as they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, these are some garage flooring options that you can choose from. You can talk to your nearby professional garage organizers to get a better idea about which flooring will be best for your purpose.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Car Parking Lift

 Are you looking to maximize parking or storage capability? Have you considered a car parking lift? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of car parking lift options for many years throughout the Maryland and Washington DC areas with expert attention to detail, craftsmanship and professionalism. Our master garage professionals provide industry leading garage lifts that are commercial grade and designed for most garage-kept vehicles. We offer both custom-tailored car parking lifts and SUV lifts designed to accommodate an expansive array of vehicles including sedans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, collector cars, exotic vehicles and more.

for more information about our car parking lift services, contact Potomac Garage Solutions today at 240-650-2622.

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Car Parking Lifts

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Garage Renovation

Garage Renovation
Are you looking for garage renovation? Potomac Garage Solutions has been providing quality garage renovation services for both commercial and residential garages since 2003. We have renovated many garages in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. Our expert garage renovation team will walk you through every step of the process from the designing to the remodeling and organization of your space. If your goal is to turn a cluttered garage into a fully functional extension of your home, we will turn your vision into reality.

Renovate Your Garage into a New Organized Space.
Potomac Garage Solutions starts every garage renovation project with a designed plan that is unique and will keep your garage organized. Our garage renovating experts will present s
amples of garage flooring systems, parking lifts, modern garage cabinets, garage doors, and other garage accessories from which to choose. We believe that everybody has a unique garage and not every garage is used the same way. This is why our garage renovation components will be specially design for your garage usage and to your personal tastes and will compliment your style.

During the garage renovation project, Potomac Garage Solutions makes sure that everything that is stored within your current garage is accounted for. We will select a time period that is convenient for you from setting an installation date that works around your schedule to storing your garage belongings, providing quality garage product by experienced installation and remodeling experts. Once complete, a senior garage renovation expert will perform a final quality control check to ensure the job not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Your garage renovation begins with your inspiration and ends with a beautifully designed garage. 

For a free consultation with one of our garage renovation experts or for more information call Potomac Garage Solutions today at 240-650-2622.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Garage Organization

Garage Organization

Are you looking for better garage organization? Since 2003, Potomac Garage Solutions offers a wide variety of choices for garage organization throughout the Maryland and Washington DC areas for many years,  Our specialized garage remodeling solutions including garage flooring, garage cabinets, garage lighting, parking lifts, custom garage doors, and more. Our projects begin with a complimentary consultation with one of our expert designers, directly working with you to plan every detail of the work, from idea, to custom design and pricing.

Improve you garage storage
At Potomac Garage Solutions, we provide many storage options that will help you clear up important garage space and make your garage more organized as well as comfortable. With our many garage storage solutions such as rolling garage cabinets, stat-wall garage cabinets and overhead garage storage solutions, all the items in your garage will be stored and kept clean. Our garage cabinets are constructed of durable steel with high quality hinges, rollers and handles that will last a lifetime and will open and close smoothly with ease. We provide these garage cabinets in many styles and colors to match your existing garage or when you need an entire garage overhaul project. 

Improve your garage area
There are many ways to improve your overall garage organization project besides installing garage cabinets and storage compartments. The most popular and perfect way to clear up space and keep your automobiles is to install a garage parking lift. These garage parking lifts are compact, can support SUVs and are customized for your garage parking situation. Another garage storage solution is to install different garage doors. By installing double doors or doors in different location in you garage will free up car parking space and clear up vital flooring space.

Improve your garage experience
Since your garage is a workspace, a storage area and in some cases an entry way into your home or office, a great garage organization solution is adding element to improve your garage experience. These garage organization elements range form adding lights in certain areas such as over workbenches, near cabinets, entrance ways near doors, or garage doors and adding retractable lights for many spots in your garage. Besides adding lights, anther great garage organization solution is adding electrical outlets and extension plugs near workbenches, cabinets and other areas of your garage.

For a free garage organization consultation with one of our experts, or for more information about our garage organization services, contact Potomac Garage Solutions

Monday, May 11, 2020

Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for garage floors? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of floor solutions in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas, for both residential and commercial applications, since 2003. Our flooring professionals install garage floor systems and warehouse floor systems that are durable, precise, shiny and new. Our floor solutions come in a variety of colors, designs and materials to give you an array of options to fit your new floor to a design of your choice.
When you are planning to refurbish outdated flooring in your garage, you can consider using the epoxy flooring. This type of floor coating is useful to preserve your concrete surface by protecting it against harsh impacts. It can also create a glossy finish inside your garage.

Epoxy floor coating is mainly made from the epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and any other additives. The combination of those substances can form a firm bond on the floor. Your floor will have good stability and endurance. Here are some benefits that you can get from this type of flooring.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Floor Coating

  • a. Cover any defects on your floor

  • This is the most popular benefit that is offered by this product. When you use this epoxy coating, you can cover up some defects on your garage floor. Epoxy has several designs and also colorful options, to deliver the best tones for your garage or room.

    Some people choose to mix the epoxy mixture with the decorative chips of quartz or mica. This style can improve the overall look of your garage floor. It can create a shiny and glossy look on your floor. It can reduce the appearance of any cracks that may occur on your floor.

  • b. Strong characteristic

  • If you are looking for a good flooring type with strong characteristics, you can take a look at this flooring type. You can fortify your basement, garage, or laundry room with this epoxy material. Epoxy is believed to be one of the hardest flooring materials on the market today.

    When you use this product in your garage, you can use this flooring for a long time. Epoxy can bear against extreme heat, heavy shock, harsh chemicals, and also water. It is a perfect product for your garage because it can protect your floor from any corrosive chemicals from your car.

  • c. Ease of maintenance

  • This is another reason why you may want to consider using the epoxy flooring today. This coating will cover up the whole concrete perfectly. Therefore, it can be used to reduce any cement or dust particles that are released on the surface inside your garage.

    Cleaning your epoxy flooring doesn't take too much of your time. You can use your broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, and some other cleaning tools for cleaning your epoxy floor coating. Germs, bacteria, grime, and other contaminants will never adhere to epoxy flooring. Therefore, it is very easy for you to clean your epoxy floor.

  • d. Good for your vehicle

  • Epoxy floors inside your garage can fit your vehicle needs. It can keep your vehicle and the tires in top shape with uniform shape. When you use concrete in your garage, it will add wear on your tires. Epoxy is very well-known for its smoothness. No reaction may occur on your tires.

    This flooring type is also able to hold significant weight for your vehicle. Your car's weight can be supported on the concrete surface protected with epoxy. You can also do some maintenance procedures on your car without causing any damages to the floor.

  • e. Eco-friendly product

  • This is another benefit that you can get from this flooring. Although it is a chemical substance, this product is an eco-friendly option. It only requires a few materials for composing this floor. You don't need to replace this floor too often. You don't need to use excessive materials and machinery when installing this floor.

    If you are looking for the best green flooring option for your garage, you can consider using this type of product now. Epoxy flooring doesn't need to be cleaned every day with some harsh chemicals. You only need to use water for mopping this floor, so you can remove all contaminants from this floor.

    For a free garage makeover consultation with one of our experts or for more information about our garage floors, contact Potomac Garage Solutions today at 240-650-2622.

    Garage Organization

    Are you looking for better garage organization? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of choices for  garage organizatio...