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Garage Renovation

Garage Renovation

3 questions that will define your garage renovation project

Renovating your garage is never an easy task, especially when you begin to take into account all the steps that need to be taken. However, before you actually begin, there are some things which need to be cleared. Apart from keeping things guided, these factors will determine the direction that your remodeling will actually go.will actually go.

Witt that in mind, take these three questions in mind and get clarity with them before you start working on the garage renovation

In what shape will this renovation be?

A lot of people begin the garage renovation project with the mind of converting it to something else. While others just want their garage to look better (while still maintaining the garage functionality of storing things). So, you will need to determine what you what to achieve with this project.
Will your renovation lead to a change in what the garage is, or will it just optimize it to function better?

Will you need to get a permit?

Since you will be changing the outline of the space, there is a likelihood that you will need to get a building permit to get this done. The building permit requirement usually varies by location, so you might not as well.
Essentially, the permit will see to it that your plans meet the local ordinance as and building codes for your space. The building codes can place requirements for how many windows are to be in the new garage, the number of electrical outlets, and much more.
In order to find out whether a permit is needed to get your garage renovation done, just contact the zoning department in your city. If you eventually do need a permit, then you can also ask them about the steps that you will need to go through. You might also need to work with an architect to provide a proper floor plan when applying for the permit as well.
In addition to that, there are ranging costs for getting garage renovation services as well. You will need to ask the zoning department for much information on that as well.

Will this renovation add value to your home?

To save you some time, just know this; as long as a garage renovation is done right and in compliance with the zoning laws of your area, it will undoubtedly increase the value of your home. However, the value increase will depend significantly on the way the renovation is done.
However, a garage renovation can be detrimental for your home and its value if:
  1. You will need to get covered parking in your neighborhood. If lacking, the renovation can make it complicated to park, and it will lower the value of your home. If lacking, the renovation can make it complicated to park, and it will lower the value of your home
  2. You get the garage renovation done without permits. They might seem like a hassle, but permits will definitely help increase the value of your project over time
  3. The project takes out necessary storage. If there isn’t much storage in your home, changing the garage will only make this worse
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Potomac Garage Solutions offers a wide variety of garage renovation services for commercial and residential properties since 2003 throughout...