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Polyurea Flooring

Are you looking for polyurea flooring? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of polyurea flooring throughout Maryland and Washington DC areas since 2003. Basements can be wonderful.

Polyurea Flooring

Today, you have different options if you’re looking to get proper flooring for your home. Many people go with some of the oldies like concrete & tiling, but we’ve got some impressive new products.

Polyurea flooring is one of the new and exciting types of flooring available today. While it might not be as polar as options like tiles right now, my people already love it, and there are signs that this material just might make it among the best flooring trends of the year.

So, what is polyurea flooring, and why does it have a lot of people so excited about it? Let’s dive into how this flooring option works:

Polyurea is a material that is usually classed under polyurethane. It is a durable material that is used to seal and coat floors - particularly in areas that get massive traffic and load like kitchens and garages. Thanks to its durability, polyurea lasts much longer than many traditional coatings.

Primarily, polyurea is a coating that helps to bond effectively to the moisture in your concrete floors. This bonding allows the material to create a seamless barrier that helps to protect the food against hits, scratches, and even weather elements.


What Makes Polyurea Flooring Stand Out?

Strength and UV resistance

Polyurea flooring is beneficial in many ways. The first is the fact that it is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light. This means that you can install the flooring in areas of your home that get massive exposure to sunlight, and rest assured that your floors are safe.

Unlike several other flooring types, polyurea flooring won’t change its color or fade. Besides this, polyurea flooring is also resistant to several other materials. From moisture to mild heat, this flooring option holds its own well.


Protection for your floor

The polyurea material is very strong. It protects your floor against scratches and dents, making it a perfect fit for your garage.

It is also worth noting that this floor type is resistant to moisture. Due to the porous nature of concrete, water can easily seep into it and make its way to your foundation. Instead of dealing with this, you could easily coat your floor with polyurea.


Chemical resistance

Another benefit of polyurea flooring is that the material itself is resistant to stains and chemicals. Things like oil and food can definitely stain your floor, but you'll find that cleaning a polyurea floor is easier and more delightful than many other flooring types.

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Garage Cabinets MD

Set yourself apart by making a statement with a high-end aesthetic Garage Cabinets in Maryland featuring powder coated frames and panels as well as a finished interior. PGS Signature Line Garage Cabinets in Maryland are durable, heavy duty 18-gauge, powder-coated steel cabinets.

Garage Cabinets MD

Hardly does any part of the house take as much punishment as the garage. The garage is where you keep all of your waste materials and throw stuff that you don't need anymore. It's gotten so bad these days that most people don't even keep cars in their garages anymore - just piles and piles of rubbish.

This isn't necessarily supposed to be. In fact, some of the latest design trends in the home have focused on alleviating the garage and making it more accommodating to some of the other functions you might need it for.

If you've seen any of these design trends and would like to make your garage more functional, one of the things you'll need to do is declutter it. Below, we'll share some tips that can be helpful in that regard.

Take out all the trash you don't' use

Like we've said, a lot of the things taking up space in your garage are junk. So, take it out. Old toys that your kids no longer use, that non-functional TV, all those trash cans, take them out and find a way to get rid of them.

Decluttering will help you to free up a lot of space. So if you see something that you know you don't need, it's time to take it out. You could donate some of them to a charity, have a garage sale, or drive some of the beat-down things to a local dump. Whatever it is, just get them out.

Organize the garage with cabinets

Ever notice how cabinets help to keep things organized in the home? Well, how about putting them to use in your garage?

Garage cabinets MD help you to easily arrange some of the items that are remaining in your garage. They allow you to maximize space as well, leaving room on the open floor while keeping your important stuff to walls or in the corners.

You can have as many cabinets as possible. As long as you're crafty with them and you work with a proper installer, you'll find that these cabinets can be a lifesaver.

Plan the spacing

One of the most popular design tips for garages right now is to plan their outlook like a department store. Have a designated space for different items - groceries, automotive tools, bicycles, etc.

When you have different zones for different things, it becomes much easier for you to keep specific items and find them when you need them.

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